VIDOC is an online platform that provides end-to-end solution to doctor consultation (Virtual and In-Person), patient medical records and clinic management. Patient can book appointment online and take consultation either in-person or video. Patients benefit by saving time spent on booking to the actual consultation, when everything is done online.

Key Features

  • Virtual Consultation – Video Consultation between Doctor and Patient through Web and Mobile Platforms.
  • Appointment Booking based on Doctor availability and location, with options to book a video consultation or an In-person appointment
  • Consultation Summary – Symptoms, Findings, Prescription and Consultation are all recorded and are available to the doctor and the patient at any given time
  • Billing System for Consultation, Lab Tests and Procedures Billing
  • Online payment for all appointment bookings
  • Patients can view, print or download doctor prescriptions with their mobile app or online registered accounts
  • Clinic Management with Point Of Sale billing
  • Doctor and Staff Attendance and Leave Management
  • Queue Management at clinic
  • Notifications and Reminders for appointments
  •  Referral programs for Doctors and Patients
  • Billing and MIS Reports