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Procurement and Expenses Management

In the Dairy and other Farm produce industry, revenue recognition and accountability becomes very critical at each stage of the Supply Chain, from Farm Producers to Procurement and Supply centres to Manufacturing Plants / Federal Establishments. Registering the Supply Quality and Quantity, creating and publishing Schemes and Incentives, operating the Book of Expenditures, accommodating Transport and Logistics, Digital Payments till the Last Mile, monitoring the Supply and Contributions uniformity across participating entities, etc., comprise the business sensitive and highly critical aspects of a Cooperative Procurement and Expenses Management System. Caritor brings the Power Booster to Dairy, Agricultural Farming, and similar industries its innovative digital solution to everyone in their spectrum of business.      

Procurement and Expenses Management product suite for Dairy and other Cooperatives from Caritor (CPEM) is a Open Source Technology based product suite innovation from Caritor, intended towards enabling unorganized farm producers, service sectors and communities in the Dairy and other FMCG /essentials supply industries for successfully managing day to day transactions, managing by-self, the volume of their supplies and services, the monetary values, payments they need to make towards purchases etc., on a Digital platform and the automating the complete value chain.


Procurement Centres such as Dairy/Other Cooperatives and their linked stakeholders facilitating fresh commodity / form produce (such as Milk, fruits, vegetables, commercial crops) procurement and in turn supply essential inputs (such as Animal Feed, Plant Fertilizer) distribution, Producers, Logistics Partners and Manufacturers / Materials Processing Plants can benefit most from using the CPEM Product in their institutions, and even as individuals.

CPEM connects the different dots in a closed value chain, passes ultimate benefits to End Customers and Producers at the bottom most level of value chain, ensures several other benefits like;

  1. Social and financial empowerment of unorganized farm producers, service sectors and communities

  2. Process automation increasing the Partners efficiencies, appropriate revenue management against the corresponding supply chain at every level of value chain

  3. Visibility of the entire value chain to each and every partner or stakeholder involved


Will be able to track Farm Produce contribution quantities from their end on a periodic basis, check their Payments Due at a given point of time, check their Revenue and Expenses Ledger and also get to run time availability of the farm supplies they require. They will also be able to  alerts on Schemes published by the Manufacturers who purchase the farm produce and manufacture finished products, Payments they receive, Dividend received from the Procurement Centre or the Cooperative, and also various Incentives Info the farm producers deserve.

Procurement Centres

Procurement Centres will be able to administer the complete cycle of Farm produce procurement and billing of supply of Farms essentials using critical product features such as Bar Code / QR Code scanner, quicker identification of the Farm Producer, Integration with Automatic Collection unit, they will have privilege to create new Farm Producers who can register with the Centre, Sundry financial entries of expenses and place Indents or Purchase Requests to from the respective Manufacturers.

Case Studies

Logistics Partners

Logistics Partners who carry the Farm produce in specialized containers, have to follow the produce specific transport conditions, are required to be traceable run time during their journey to the processing centres or manufacturing units. The transport duration as well is bound to be within the produce shelf life limits. Accordingly, the Logistics Partners who use the product suite will be equipped with GPS Device on Trucks, follow Collection routes for the Produce, and those monitor the transport movements and location will get Google Map flow on web for optimal route selection.

Territory Managers

Supply Chain Managers who supervise the complete Farm Produce movement and ensure on time delivery to processing centres or manufacturing units, get different Dashboards with Farm Produce contributors info, Collection info, Farm Supplies sales info and more. They will have the ability to place Farm Supplies Indent or Purchase Request to respective manufacturers

Increase in sales due to availability and stock mix improvements

-30 %

Reduction in markdown exposure due to better managmeent of end of life stock


Manufacturers or the Processing Units who receive the Farm Produce and process it partially or produce finished goods, will  require to execute multiple quality and quantity checks on the Farm Produces before taking up for production. Hence they will require critical set of about the same. The CBRM will provide them

those information via Dashboards for Collection Graph by period, Contributions with different technical specifications of the Produce, Payments Due for the Farm Producers, Collections recording

Quality and Quantity inputs and Payment processing in Batch – NEFT file upload

Get Started

Share your requirements and get a free business process mapping report from Caritor! Product specialists from Caritor, who are also subject matter experts in multiple verticals, offer you comprehensive consulting to know yourself best technical solution for your requirements. You will be provided a free report upon mapping of your business processes, v/s the industry standard, your own deviations or custom requirements, and fitment of the comprehensive Caritor Procurement and Expenses Management solution against the above. The free report will also sheds light on your preparedness in the short term to adopt the Product, the accelerator path which you can adopt with Caritor teams involvement. 

Digital Chronometer

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Caritor Procurement and Expenses Management Advanced Implementation Ready Reckoner will take care of the implementation on a best chosen Cloud environment as per your requirement. You will experience the in-depth expertise, dynamic handling of exclusive requirements, and continuous assurance from the Caritor experts who will ensure your on-time and within budget and most efficient onboarding on the Product. Connect with us today! 

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