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DealerPro Advanced for B2C Retail Distribution Management System from Caritor is a Open Source Technology based product suite innovation from Caritor, encompassing holistic and critical business processes from the Dairy and FMCG Business to Consumer Distribution system. Based on core principles of B2C Order to Cash application area, Caritor brings up a fully integrated user-friendly Web and Mobile Application combo covering Retail Order Management and Consolidation, Online Payments leveraging industry proven Payment Gateway Interfaces, Warehousing the produced goods, Inventory availability, specific region or geography-based Picking, Packing, Despatch and Distribution of Goods, up to the end point, i.e., the Retailer or Dealer.  

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Order Management

Dealers or the Retailers and others acting in the role can place Orders or Indent to the fulfilment point (a Plant or a Sales Depot or a Warehouse or even a Distributor carrying Inventory.

Product Pricing, Stock Availability, offers if any, Payment Terms and other details are made available to the User (Dealers or the Retailers) who places the Order or Indent on their Mobile Application itself.  The User (Dealers or the Retailers) is always provided the Order or Indent Status, Order details, Payment Acknowledgement, Order history etc., on the mobile application itself as Dashboards.

The Retail Eco System of DealerPro Advanced for B2C Distribution Management System consists of Dealers representing Consumer demands, Distributors and Stockists who act as Supply Chain intermediaries with own infrastructure of Warehousing and Distribution, Manufacturing Plants or Production Units with or without Warehouses and Sales Depos, and a governing entity or federation, connecting and controlling the complete eco system. The governing entity could be the manufacturer themselves, or someone who is critical to all the stakeholders.


Case Studies

Increase in sales due to availability and stock mix improvements

-30 %

Reduction in markdown exposure due to better managmeent of end of life stock


Goods once produced inhouse in a manufacturing plant or purchased by a Distribution Centre, are moved to the In-Bound Warehouse. User friendly systems such as FIFO, LIFO, FILO etc., are configured for Stock withdrawal and Shipments, Warehouse Automation procedures such as adding Bar Code and QR Code based scanners for Item Picking, Racking, Picking etc., 


Dispatches start in the system soon after picking and packing completion, Bar Code label generation, and finalizing Fleet system. The entire process is automated, up to the point of Gate (exit) Challan creation.

Invoices documents are mostly collated separately for every route and sent along with the Truck or Vehicle itself.


DealerPro Advanced caters to multiple usage scenarios where distribution is concerned. 


  • Source of distribution can be the Manufacturing or Production Plant itself or a Warehouse or Sales Depo of the Manufacturer or an independent Distributor of the Manufacturer goods 

  • Destination for Delivery of Goods can be a Dealer or Retailer who will in turn sell to the Consumers or the Distributor who may sell to its Dealers or Retailers 


  • Type of distribution a) Route based delivery which will involve delivering goods to a set of Dealers who can be covered in a limited geographical area b) Pick-up by the Receiver of Goods themselves from the source of distribution 

Credit and Return

DealerPro Advanced provides easy to execute yet highly effective returns of defective or unsold goods by Distributors and/or Dealers following the returns policy in place. DealerPro Advanced offers multiple options such as free or subsidized replacements, cash returns and adjustments on the deposit available. The necessary documentation can be executed in the form of Credit Note and Vouchers  

Saas Platform

Caritor offers best value when offered on Cloud, accessible remotely from any stakeholder using the system. The implementation on Cloud ensures highest availability, freedom from infrastructure setup and maintenance efforts, ready for instant use and completely reliable.

Caritor ensures that value comes first for its Customers before a substantial investment is made, when they start using DealerPro Advanced. No burden of huge initial costs, free and scheduled product upgrades, no additional maintenance in any form and Pay as much it is used. 

Product Capabilities

  • Retail B2C Specific Order Management,Production,Warehousing,Dispatches,Invoicing and Credit Business Processes Included

  • Technical Architecture Tailer made for fulfilling Business Processes from Dairy,FMCG,Fashion Ware and such others.

  • Multiple Line of Business supported

  • Usage Logs or Audit Trials

  • Inbuilt agile ability to upgrade or add a new Distributor or Dealer or Sales Depo or a Federation entity

  • Choice of Paymemt Gateway

  • User Role Permission including both internal roles and External Partners such as Customers and Vendors

  • Product Suite offering both Web based and Mobile Application Interface

Get Started

Share your requirements and get a free business process mapping report from Caritor!  

Product specialists from Caritor, who are also subject matter experts in multiple verticals, offer you comprehensive consulting to know yourself best technical solution for your requirements. You will be provided a free report upon mapping of your business processes, v/s the industry standard, your own deviations or custom requirements, and fitment of Caritor DealerPro Advanced against the above. The free report will also sheds light on your preparedness in the short term to adopt of Caritor DealerPro Advanced, the accelerator path which you can adopt with Caritor teams involvement. 

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Get *  Set  *  Go with a standard or a custom Implementation


Caritor DealerPro Advanced Implementation Ready Reckoner will take care of the implementation on a best chosen Cloud environment as per your requirement. You will experience the in-depth expertise, dynamic handling of exclusive requirements, and continuous assurance from the Caritor experts who will ensure your on-time and within budget and most efficient onboarding on DealerPro Advanced. Connect with us today! 

Customer Success Stories

Distribution Management System for a Dairy Industry Leader

Development, Deployment and Support of Retail Distribution and Warehouse Management platform Web and Mobile Application, for a leader in milk and mill products procurement, production and distribution in India, with processing capacity of 5.5 Lakh liters per day. 

Key Takeaways

  • More than 1000 Distributor / Dealer outlets consistently using the platform for more than 2 years now​

  • Automation of Inventory movement​

  • Increase in distribution volumes by 35%​

  • On time  Dealer demands fulfillments  

  • Third Party Systems: Razorpay

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