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Open Source Technologies

Caritor has been having expertise in the Open source technology for more than a decade now, since 2012 to be precise! Caritor has been leveraging several standard frameworks such as Laravel, Code Ignitor, Cake PHP, Drupal for PHP, Django and Flask for Python in large and complex projects, delivering higher value to clients in the Open Source technologies practice. Integration with technology agnostic third party applications for seamless and highest availability of services, regular upgrades in technology platforms used in projects, development of reusable components and deploying them in future requirements, have been the essential aspects of contributions from the Open Source Technologies practice. 

Highest Value delivered

Open Source Technologies do not demand a perpetual or subscription license fee from a vendor. Open Source Technologies provide open platform form research, experiment, adoption and community support for earnest development communities. While as a significant consideration on the cost part for End Customer, the always live and vibrant inertia to upgrade the technology and resolve intricate technical issues also delivers irreplaceable value. The ultimate beneficiary are end Customers who use the Applications developed on these Open Source Technologies.  

Caritor having a successful application development, implementation and maintenance of Open Source Technologies solutions, ensures best of both worlds, cost benefits and technology innovation to its Customers.  Engineers working on Open Source Technologies at Caritor come up with a wholesome experience of delivering products and custom applications on a true to word Open Source platforms, bringing down the total ownership cost of entire application environment except cloud infrastructure, next to zero.

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Technology Expertise

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Caritor has been an early starter and also pioneer then, in Open Source Technologies, 12 to 15 years ago. Right from cherishing a pool of technical experts varying between 2 to 12 years of experience to the development of custom frameworks, accelerators or reusable components, Caritor has it all. Engineers working on Open Source Technologies at Caritor also come up with a wholesome experience of delivering products and custom applications covering business layers, web services, mobile operating systems, user experience, backend database, integration services, security and much more, thus nullifying the dependencies on licensed technologies. 

Reusable Coffee Cup

Reusable Assets

While building and deploying number of Products and customized Applications on variety of technology platforms and environments, technical architects and engineers at Caritor have developed high number of technically stable and robust reusable tools and components which can be used in various core application development, external integration services, cloud deployment and other areas. Customers of Caritor opting for Open Source Technologies will benefit from the same. 

Customized Realization Options

With no binding or boundaries of stipulated technologies related constraints and innovation at plenty with Open Source Technologies, Caritor offers full spectrum of hybrid development methodologies and deployment options to its Customers, who want to explore totally customized realization or application delivery, deployment and go to market options.

Customer Service

Connect with our Experts today. Their business knowledge, industry expertise and rich experience with Caritor’s capabilities will help you get the best from Caritor service offerings

Success Stories

A very large Retail B2B Stores Chain in Singapore

Application Development, Implementation, Integration with SAP ERP and Maintenance: B2B Sales and Marketing Application and backend integration with SAP ERP.
1. Bulk Order Management, Catalogue Management, Store Management, front end Master data  and Configuration Management, MIS Reports and Dashboards
2. Integration of Products, Categories, Stores, Customers and Franchisee master data, Sales Transactions data and reconciliation 

Key Takeaways:

1. Increase in the foot prints of new Customers to ASICS Website (% numbers?)
2. Increased Website presence per vistor, covering Products views, Offers and Reward programes (% numbers?)
3. Increase in conversion ratio of Products views to Shopping Cart creation to Order booking, there by increase in Sales (% numbers?)
4. Better alignment of stock visibility, order acceptance and shipment fulfillments, near 100% achieved

State owned Rural Housing Corporation

Development and maintenance of customized Windows based Mobile Application for conducting GPS based survey

Implemented for 7 Districts of Karnataka state which helped the state owned authority in community deveopment

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