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Our Expertise


Mobile applications are redefining the boundaries in Real Time Communication. With Enterprise applications, MIS, BI, and CRM tools are able to help decision makers get to information on the fly. With the advantage of our market intelligence and technical knowledge, we develop and deliver mobile applications which are user-friendly and efficient. Our mission is to deliver the best Mobile Applications for the client’s requirement. 

Our professionals also offer consulting regarding the Mobile Platforms which will assist your organization to reach out to the next level. We have a good experience in Mobile Applications development throughout the diverse mobile application platforms 


Not everyone in the IT can service Enterprise Customers, to their satisfaction, fulfil their business objectives over a longer horizon of time, and while sustaining the healthy profits for the self. Reasons are up for grabs to everyone, like painfully delaying decision systems, quality entry criterion calling for huge investment till you see the first cheque, laborious sign-off processes for every small or big deliverable etc.


However, Caritor, by thet virtue of its legacy till date, has been profoundly serving very large Enterprise Customers, growing along with them, winning the hearts as well as awards and continuously offers it services and solutions to them in all possible avenues!  

Majority of its solutions for its Enterprise Customers coming in from Oracle Enterprise Products and Services, Caritor thoroughly enjoys its decade long relationship with them while implementing, upgrading and supporting Oracle EBS, Oracle Enterprise Database, Oracle Cloud Computing and quite a few other solutions. 

Be it the Ability to Scale overnight, realizing the power of AI, BOT and other Technology for Operations, effecting a global Service Desk for a near 24 X 7 X 365 operations, still delivering personalized experience at that Scale, Caritor has it all. Our dedicated team of Business Managers and Consultants can provide you more details in their first meeting itself. Connect with us today! 

Digital Initiavties

Let’s again talk about COVID-19 Pandemic, like, how dependencies on human contact, hard currency, longer distance supply chain, lack of accessibility to fresh food, dependencies on physical work or physical presence in schools and colleges etc. etc., affected our daily lives and almost stuck us next to paralysis, and then, how, Digitization, Digital way of life made things look normal again! 

And you and all of us, do not want to face same challenges we did before and during the pandemic days! 

 A large population or Community to live peacefully every day, to minimalize social inequalities,  to avoid monopoly of a very few mighty players in a specific geography, to avoid exploitation of under privileged, under educated and life below standard conditions, to provide a place for every individual and even every plant and animal on this earth, and for many such other gross-root necessities, Digital Initiatives are required for this world. 

Our respected Government of India, as a true example, have had a vision to implement Digital Initiatives for the benefit of everyone in this country. The Government has embarked on nation wide implementation of Digital Initiatives for sometime now, encompassing three main areas – new digital services, taking them to every citizen  of the country and creating awareness by means of campaigns, advertisements etc. Few noble examples from our Government’s Digital Initiatives are MyGov.In ( e-Biz portal (e-Biz portal), NCDC, Digilocker, Gram Panchayat Common Service Centre (CSC) etc. 

Likewise, every responsible Business Enterprises in India and rest of the World are bound to accept inevitability of implementing Digital Initiatives, today or at the earliest, for their sustenance and wellbeing, and of their partners in business, their employees and the customers they serve. An you know that many have already started their journey in this direction and also achieved significant improvement in their overall situations. However, the gap is still very large, and very much disturbing to know. 

Caritor helps any such Business Enterprise, to start their first steps in Digital Initiatives and/or help them in resolving ongoing challenges, further consolidate their position during the journey and see the amazing results by themselves. 

Improved readiness to face new challenges in their Business, increased access to their own resources, analyse their own partners and communities’ performances, seamless and instant communication and business transactions between various entities of the organization, are few of the numerous take aways from incorporating Digital Initiatives in one’s business. Caritor can help you to do that! 


Innovative solutions from Caritor for the government sector have transformed millions of lives, ensuring that programs are implemented successfully and benefits reach the citizens. Caritor have been working as technology and enterprise solutions partner with Government organizations in India and overseas, extending consulting, product implementations, project delivery, managed services and support services. The core application areas of such services in the Government sector included Energy, Power Transmission, Utilities, Infrastructure, Tourism, Housing, Dairy etc. 

While authentically getting involved, partnering and delivering the desired objectives of the Government institutions, Caritor also take due care in wilfully following the spirit of the institution, culture, people and complying to all the statutory requirements of the land. 

Caritor fully understands and appreciates the longer horizon process and decisions systems, very cause of each and every project, end objectives of the government institutions in delivering the benefit to no one else but the common man and the society, and accommodates itself into such dynamic environments while executing the projects. 

Connect with Business Managers at Caritor, who are also by virtue experts in consulting and formulation of strategies to execute projects for Government Institutions / Departments / Boards and Corporations to know more. 


Be it B2B and B2C Retail Ecosystem, Federal Establishments, Manufacturer driven Wholesale and Retail Distribution Systems, privately owned Warehousing and Logistics, Internal Network / Marketplace Order Management or other Business Requirements, Caritor has specific solutions for you. 

Caritor have already been conceptualizing, developing and implementing appropriate industry relevant products, customized solutions and also delivering manages services in the Retail sector. 

Retail solutions from are offered from Caritor over diverse technology platforms, such as Open Source Web based and Mobile Applications, Oracle Product Suite and others. 

Connect with Caritor Retail Team experts today to know more! 

Oil and Natural Gas

 Caritor enjoys the privilege of being a leader in implementing best in the Oil and Natural Gas industry standard enterprise applications, open source technology products and solutions, managed services and on-demand solutions in the Middle East region, serving some of the most well known Oil and Natural Gas majors in the region.

The solutions spread includes Oracle Products and Services, ERP Consulting, Implementation, Training, Support and Maintenance, integration with Cash Call Application, OEM software product licenses deployment, maintenance and more.


Caritor has been the Go To Technology and Consulting partner for some of the industry majors in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libya, Dubai and other countries, providing them a broader range of software products and services, and gaining unparalleled industry knowledge in the Oil and Natural Gas vertical. Caritor has also set up its strategically significant office in Dubai, extending its closure accessibility to long standing customers, technology and consulting partners and new business collaborations.

If you are looking for a turn key solution provider who have a successful track record and expertise in the Oil and Natural Gas, look no further, contact Caritor team today!


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