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Cash Call Application Services

Based on large volume of Operations, Geographical spread, Expertise requirement and Investments, it is a strategic initiative in Oil and Gas projects, that many of the international and national Oil & Gas companies collaborate to establish and operate in a Joint Ventures (JV) model. The very intention of such a JV Model is to reduce the Go To market period, perform operations in an economically viable manner. and do put in place a comprehensive and appropriate Risk Mitigation plan, which will cover the various stages of the Research, Mining, Extraction, Processing and Refining life cycle of Oil Fields.

This very obviously, bring in the picture of investment of Billions of dollars in such projects, invested up-stream. The modus operand of a Joint Operating Agreements (JOA) and its Terms and Conditions, imposes, a stake driven obligation on the participating legal entities, to contribute investments towards the shared operations and other responsibilities. As a consequence, a JV agreement requires the contributions from the participants upon a Cash Call by the Chief Operator or the Investing entity. Further to it, there are the Oil and Gas industry standard operating rules applicable to the above JVs, which have to be complied in various circumstances, during the entire period of Operations.

Caritor can help all such JV ventures participating companies to get best of Cash Call activities, work beyond stated requirements and provide comprehensive application services, including customizations, extensions, best practices incorporation, intelligent reporting and more.


  • Generating Accurate Cash Calls

  • Tracking all Expenses

  • Generating Budget

  • Tracking all Invoices and Payments against them

  • Enabling inter-department flow of information

Maintainability and Trade-offs

  • Ease of installation and Administration

  • Ability to export and import data from existing systems like Primavera and LDAP

  • Storage of scanned files to be balanced against infrastructure availability

  • Choice of technology platform to keep


​Encompassing the complete cycle of the JV projects, the Cash Call Application Services provide you the following valued modules;

  • Requirements Planning

  • Verification Approvals

  • Suppliers Management

  • Cash Call and budgeting

  • Invoice Entry, Verification, and Approvals

  • Payment Confirmation

  • Stakeholder Approvals

  • Reports for All Stakeholders

Key Takeaways

​Caritor, by naturally gaining the expertise and deeper insights in the course of large Business Transformation projects into the operational requirements of large Business Enterprises operating in Oil and Gas, and where such Enterprises are participants to Joint Ventures, recommends its Cash Call Product Extensions solution to the needy and deserving large Oil and Gas companies in comprehensively handling Cash Calls within the JV setup.

Connect with our Experts today. Their business knowledge, industry expertise and rich experience with Caritor’s capabilities will help you get the best from Caritor service offerings

Use Cases

For the oil and gas joint ventures

Taking better control on outstanding cash calls and repayment options, visualizing and minimizing impact of cash default on the project viability, and proactively manging disputes through intelligent operations

Beneficiaries and Stakeholders:

  • JV Investors

  • Engineering, Operations, Finance and Information Technology Teams

  • Chief Operator and its Partners

  • Statutory Bodies in the Region of Operations

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