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Managed Services

Caritor notes that barriers to a highly efficient and effective business operation emanate from the deployed IT solution capability and people competency issues. There are quite few key ingredients of delivering a high-performance operation from Managed Services offerings that Caritor follows

Service Delivery Approach

Application Support

Dedicated Helpdesk

Service Delivery Approach

Our service delivery process ensures that the Body Of Operations Knowledge is developed and regularly updated. With the help of the BOOK, we continuously refresh users’ competency to help better performance.

As a result of this approach, our service desk is enabled with a significant problem resolution / diagnosis competency than mundane call recording and routing which adds to the resolution turnaround time. This approach delivers more than 20% faster call resolution turnaround time and improved user performance.

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Application Support

Caritor solution towards Managed Services is comprehensive, leveraging the best of its world-class offerings, and based on global industry baselines and best practices. Caritor’ s Managed Services deliverables are customized to meet the requirements. It will use the following delivery model to address Customer’s one or more applications platform .Based on the understanding of Customer requirements, Caritor will propose a comprehensive set of managed services to deliver a complete solution. The services offered are outlined below and each service is detailed following the scope of work shared by Customers. 

Dedicated Helpdesk

The Caritor dedicated Helpdesk is highly collaborative, takes care of end to end life cycle of a Serive Request or a ticket till successful closure, provides real time assistance to the Service Engineers, gives it managers and the executive board full control on the sub tasks and operations within, bring in high visbility in to the efficiency of Services performed and quality levels achieved during the process. The Helpdesk s is dynamic enough to have multiple scenarios, robust enough to conduct performance analysis by looking at current data, and finally however most importantly, is able to increase compliance levels of the Service Engineers and other Supporting Staff towards the iplemented Service Level Agreements.



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