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Managed Services

Caritor notes that barriers to a highly efficient and effective business operation emanate from the deployed IT solution capability and people competency issues. The following are key ingredients of delivering a high-performance operation from Managed Services offerings: 

  • Business Process scenarios are known and recorded 

  • Solution set deployed addresses all scenarios 

  • Deploy solution functions as designed 

  • Work is allocated clearly to people carrying out business operations 

  • Project team members are adequately trained in the solutions and tools that are used to perform respective tasks 

  • Project team members are identified and dedicated to respond to new or emerging business scenarios 

An environment where these operational aspects are functioning properly, tasks are performed correctly by the assigned person using the right tool the first time. Therefore, a significant reduction in people meeting with ‘not able to perform their tasks’ scenario, which is the fundamental deliverables of a world class support service. The following are key features of our service delivery approach that addresses these aspects to deliver a highly efficient and effective operation. 

Service delivery Approach

  • Maintain a Body of Operations Knowledge (BOOK) - document/update policies, procedures and solution know-how. 

  • Align IT with Business to optimize automation 

  • Maintain applications to ensure they function as designed 

  • Define job descriptions and work-flows so people know their job 

  • Assess people competencies and deliver effective learning through appropriate tools 

  • Design and establish an effective continuous improvement framework to respond to new or emerging scenarios 


Our service delivery process ensures that the Body Of Operations Knowledge is developed and regularly updated. With the help of the BOOK, we continuously refresh users’ competency to help better performance. 

As a result of this approach, our service desk is enabled with a significant problem resolution / diagnosis competency than mundane call recording and routing which adds to the resolution turnaround time. This approach delivers more than 20% faster call resolution turnaround time and improved user performance. 

End to End Applications Support

Caritor solution towards Managed Services is comprehensive, leveraging the best of its world-class offerings, and based on global industry baselines and best practices. Caritor’ s Managed Services deliverables are customized to meet the requirements. It will use the following delivery model to address Customer’s one or more applications platform . 



Based on the understanding of Customer requirements, Caritor will propose a comprehensive set of managed services to deliver a complete solution. The services offered are outlined below and each service is detailed following the scope of work shared by Customers. 

Monitoring Caritor will carry out regular monitoring of applications and systems looking out for failure symptoms to ensure proactively prevent error condition. This will deliver a higher level of environment availability and reduction of user reported incidents. 

Operations Caritor’ s application operations services will focus on Keeping The Lights On (KTLO) activities. Timely operation is critical in ensuring that the dependent tasks can be performed without hindrance. 

Support Caritor’ s support services will offer user assistance for information, query and problem resolution. These will also include service requests 

Development Caritor will deliver all change requests and enhancements as part of its development services. However, large enhancement requests may not be handled as part of the engagement and may have to be delivered as part of a different project. 

Transition It is understood that the overall scope of support may alter with time. This will include addition and removal of solution components. Each such change in the solution environment will be managed through the new solution Transition services. 

Service Management It is critical to define, monitor and manage service levels applicable as part of the service delivery framework. This allows us to focus on improvement of services and govern our contractual obligations. 

Reporting We will report status of services and delivered service levels on a pre-agreed basis. 

Benefits from Caritor Managed Services Framework 

  • Lower incidents 

  • Improved user experience 

  • Early resolutions 

  • Reduced cost 

Caritor also offers managed services in the form of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Renewals and provides licensing at the best-in-market rates. We also provide Post Go Live Implementation Support and Maintenance for Oracle products. 

Get your online DBA services for L1, L2 and L3 on the fly within 48 hrs for support. Dedicated 24/7 support services for Oracle Databases through out the globe at extremely competitive prices. 

We provide support and maintenance for customers in the US, MENA and South Africa, APAC and ANZ regions. 

Connect with our Experts today. Their business knowledge, industry expertise and rich experience with Caritor’s capabilities will help you get the best from Caritor service offerings

Success Stories

Mobile Application Development, Deployment, Enhancements, Maintenance, Change Managment and Infrastructure Management for a MNC manufacturer

Application Life Cycle Management including Mobile Application development, enhancement, customization, deployment and L2 / L3 Support for Influencer Communities from Plumbing, Agriculture and other verticals

Key Takeaway:

A digital initiative from Ashirvad Pipes - India, implemented most successfully to bring together the industry's most effective Secondary and Tertiary Sales Influencers - the experts who execute Projects using Ashirvad Products.
The initiative has helped Ashirvad Pipes to connect the manufacturer's Sales force, operations teams and the Influencers on a single paltform, providing real time information, notifications and access to Influencers performances. The Mobile Application has there by increased Ashirvad Pipes sales and prodiuct awareness across the country

Oracle Databases Managed Services for a leading nationalized bank in India 

Database Administration (DBA) Support of oracle and MS-SQL database-24*7 support

Successfully administering and complying the most stringent SLAs, including 17 minutes response window for P1 issues

More Customers stories......



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