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Open Source Technologies

Caritor has been a pioneer in the Open source technology for more than a decade now, since 2012 to be precise! Caritor has been leveraging several standard Open Source technology platforms, blending it with agile development and solution delivery frameworks, ensuring higher value to clients in the Open Source technologies practice.

Integration with technology-agnostic third- applications for seamless and highest availability of services, regular upgrades in technology platforms used in projects, development of reusable components and deploying them in future requirements, have been the essential aspects of contributions from the Open Source Technologies practice.

Highest Values Delivered

Technology Expertise

Customized Realization

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Highest Values Delivered

Open Source Technologies do not demand a perpetual or subscription license fee from a vendor. Open Source Technologies provide open platform form research, experiment, adoption and community support for earnest development communities. While as a significant consideration on the cost part for End Customer, the always live and vibrant inertia to upgrade the technology and resolve intricate technical issues also delivers irreplaceable value. The ultimate beneficiary are end Customers who use the Applications developed on these Open Source Technologies.

Technology Expertise

Caritor has been an early starter and also pioneer then, in Open Source Technologies, 12 to 15 years ago. Right from cherishing a pool of technical experts varying between 2 to 12 years of experience to the development of custom frameworks, accelerators or reusable components, Caritor has it all. Engineers working on Open Source Technologies at Caritor also come up with a wholesome experience of delivering products and custom applications covering business layers, web services, mobile operating systems, user experience, backend database, integration services, security and much more, thus nullifying the dependencies on licensed technologies.

Customized Realization

With no binding or boundaries of stipulated technologies related constraints and innovation at plenty with Open Source Technologies, Caritor offers full spectrum of hybrid development methodologies and deployment options to its Customers, who want to explore totally customized realization or application delivery, deployment and go to market options.

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