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Caritor, backed by its 15 years strong presence in the industry and added strengths of its leadership team, provides technology service offerings over Application Development and Management, System Integration, Testing, Performance Engineering, Data Management Services, Cloud Computing and Digital Content Development Services. With its expertise in technology practices, functional areas, proven comprehensive execution framework and a global delivery model in place, it companies to accomplish their business targets and fulfil their objectives for a variety of go to market durations, and continue to sustain the current market leadership. 


Caritor Services are offered on the foundation of Caritor Centre of Excellence, which brings in building expertise in the verticals specific solution development, forging with Alliance Partners who provide technology edge, development of accelerators which can be reused for faster and consistent deliveries across software realization life cycle, developing inhouse competencies, and create knowledge base for the future workforce in Caritor. 

Caritor offers the holistic spectrum of services through Oracle Solutions, Enterprise Consulting, Open Source Technologies based solutions and Managed Services, to Manufacturing, Distribution and Supply Chain, Retail, Government, Energy, Utilities and Banking verticals, however not limited to these!  

Oracle Solutions

Caritor has been a providing end to end solutions to enterprise customers on Oracle Fusion Cloud Oracle Cloud Computing, Oracle EBS and many other solutions in the Oracle Solutions space for more than 15 years. The range of solutions include but not limited, to comprise of  System Consulting, Implementations, Worldwide Rollouts, Testing, Change Management, Upgrade Services, Migration Services, Planning and Budgeting, Post Implementation Support and Maintenance. Caritor has implemented these offerings across various industry domains in the MENA and the APAC region. Caritor bring you its best of the industry class Talent, Standard Practices, Services Framework and Success Stories, from its Oracle Solutions practice. 

  • Founder in August 2009,Current Strength 168 and growing

  • Oracle Cloud and On Prem Partner with Extensive Expertise in Oracle ERP,EPM,SCM,HCM,CX,BI and Oracle SaaS/Paas/lassS

  • Modern Bast Practices Expertise in Project management,ERP/SCM/HCM Implementations and BI/Analytics

  • CMMi Level 3,ISO Certified 9001:2015;ISo 27001:2018

  • Unique Blend of Oracle Solutions and Services Across each Oracle Platform-On Prem and Cloud,EBS, PeopleSoft,Siebel,EPBCS Multi Language implementation(English,French,Araboc and Japanese)

  • 200+ Projects (Oracle implenentations,Upgrades and migrations, Oracle Fusion Implementations,Oracle Health checks and H/W recommendations,Support and Enhancements,E-Commerce ,Mobile and custom applications.

  • Clients for life - High level of Client Satisfaction and Loyalty - Partnership, Delivery Quality and Execution

  • 250+ Client Across Various Industries - Banking, Transportation,Wholesale  Distribution,Tele Communication,High-Tech Manufacturing,Gen,Bus,Logistics andRetail,Eng and Construction and State Governments of India

Open Source Technology Practice

Caritor has been having expertise in the Open source technology for more than a decade now, since 2012 to be precise! Caritor has been leveraging several standard frameworks such as Laravel, Code Ignitor, Cake PHP, Drupal for PHP, Django and Flask for Python in large and complex projects, delivering higher value to clients in the Open Source technologies practice. Integration with technology agnostic third party applications for seamless and highest availability of services, regular upgrades in technology platforms used in projects, development of reusable components and deploying them in future requirements, have been the essential aspects of contributions from the Open Source Technologies practice. 


Highest Value delivered: 

Open Source Technologies do not demand a perpetual or subscription license fee from a vendor. Open Source Technologies provide open platform form research, experiment, adoption and community support for earnest development communities. While as a significant consideration on the cost part for End Customer, the always live and vibrant inertia to upgrade the technology and resolve intricate technical issues also delivers irreplaceable value. The ultimate beneficiary are end Customers who use the Applications developed on these Open Source Technologies.


Caritor having a successful application development, implementation and maintenance of Open Source Technologies solutions, ensures best of both worlds, cost benefits and technology innovation to its Customers.  Engineers working on Open Source Technologies at Caritor come up with a wholesome experience of delivering products and custom applications on a true to word Open Source platforms, bringing down the total ownership cost of entire application environment except cloud infrastructure, next to zero.

Technology Expertise: 

Caritor has been an early starter and also pioneer then, in Open Source Technologies, 12 to 15 years ago. Right from cherishing a pool of technical experts varying between 2 to 12 years of experience to the development of custom frameworks, accelerators or reusable components, Caritor has it all. Engineers working on Open Source Technologies at Caritor also come up with a wholesome experience of delivering products and custom applications covering business layers, web services, mobile operating systems, user experience, backend database, integration services, security and much more, thus nullifying the dependencies on licensed technologies. 

Reusable Assets: 

While building and deploying number of Products and customized Applications on variety of technology platforms and environments, technical architects and engineers at Caritor have developed high number of technically stable and robust reusable tools and components which can be used in various core application development, external integration services, cloud deployment and other areas. Customers of Caritor opting for Open Source Technologies will benefit from the same.

Customized Realization Options: 


With no binding or boundaries of stipulated technologies related constraints and innovation at plenty with Open Source Technologies, Caritor offers full spectrum of hybrid development methodologies and deployment options to its Customers, who want to explore totally customized realization or application delivery, deployment and go to market options.

Managed Services

With several success stories to its credit, Caritor thrives on its deep dived expertise and comprehensive range of custom services. 



Caritor notes that barriers to a highly efficient and effective business operation emanate from the deployed IT solution capability and people competency issues. The following are key ingredients of delivering a high-performance operation from Managed Services offerings: 

  • Business Process scenarios are known and recorded 

  • Solution set deployed addresses all scenarios 

  • Deploy solution functions as designed 

  • Work is allocated clearly to people carrying out business operations 

  • Project team members are adequately trained in the solutions and tools that are used to perform respective tasks 

  • Project team members are identified and dedicated to respond to new or emerging business scenarios 

An environment where these operational aspects are functioning properly, tasks are performed correctly by the assigned person using the right tool the first time. Therefore, a significant reduction in people meeting with ‘not able to perform their tasks’ scenario, which is the fundamental deliverables of a world class support service. The following are key features of our service delivery approach that addresses these aspects to deliver a highly efficient and effective operation. 

Service delivery Approach: 


  • Maintain a Body of Operations Knowledge (BOOK) - document/update policies, procedures and solution know-how. 

  • Align IT with Business to optimize automation 

  • Maintain applications to ensure they function as designed 

  • Define job descriptions and work-flows so people know their job 

  • Assess people competencies and deliver effective learning through appropriate tools 

  • Design and establish an effective continuous improvement framework to respond to new or emerging scenarios 


Our service delivery process ensures that the Body Of Operations Knowledge is developed and regularly updated. With the help of the BOOK, we continuously refresh users’ competency to help better performance. 

As a result of this approach, our service desk is enabled with a significant problem resolution / diagnosis competency than mundane call recording and routing which adds to the resolution turnaround time. This approach delivers more than 20% faster call resolution turnaround time and improved user performance. 

Connect with our Experts today. Their business knowledge, industry expertise and rich experience with Caritor’s capabilities will help you get the best from Caritor service offerings

Our Customers says this

Customer Global Success Story with Oracle Corp, USA

"The software isn’t driving how we do business. We dictate how we need to use it."

Customer Global Success, President and CEO


Oracle Service Cloud Implementation In Arabic 1st Global Live for Aman Bank

"In my opinion, there isn’t a better product out there for a specialty construction subcontractor than Caritor’s Construction Edition."

Oracle Service Cloud Implementation, Chief Financial Officer

Aman Bank

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Benefits from Caritor Services Offerings

Get the power of Caritor without losing the tools you use now.

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Certified by Caritor, EBizCharge is a PCI compliant payment application, natively built within…

Certified by Caritor, EBizCharge is a PCI compliant payment application, natively built within…

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